Hello this is Jacob and I hope you enjoy my Week 5 blog.

This week I have accomplished getting my video and famous person thing done for PBL. I have also accomplished getting to go to the “Festival Of Lights” at the Cincinnati Zoo on the last day they had it and it was very fun! Also what I lastly accomplished this week was helping my mother put up the christmas lights up outside of our house. My project is about earning money so that me and my partner can buy clothing and also blankets and go around and give them to the homeless people since we have been having these cold winters the past few years.

What me and my partner are working on right now is creating shirts that we can wear when we go around and pass out the clothes and blankets to the homeless people all over Cincinnati. And also what we are working on right now is trying to earn money so that we may go out and buy the stuff for the homeless. And what we are also working on also is trying to find a mentor so that me and my partner may contact them and ask them some questions but first for the mentor we must first find one first.

What I plan to do next is continue on this project and not just stop doing this once the project is over but to continue this and maybe go to different cities and do it there also. And also what I plan to do next is to when I get older to turn it into a business. And that is what me and my partner plan to do next.

The problems I have run into this week are 1. that we have a lot of projects that we are doing this week.


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