I Want You To Be Responsible In Your Community!

Hi my name is Jacob and this is my post for this week!

The way you should be responsible in your community is by One- Always be respectful to your friends and family. Two- You should always respect the way other people dress up and also how they do stuff in their religion. Three- Always be responsible for the stuff you did and do not blame it on anybody and just take responsibility for the thing you have done. Four- You should always respect your friends wishes like for example if your friend asked you to keep a secret for him/her you shouldn’t tell that secret to anybody because if you do that friend will not trust you anymore. Five- The way you could be responsible in your community is by finally you should always take responsibility for everything you do and also never I mean NEVER take your friends for granted because if you do you could get in trouble.

Another thing for this weeks post is about being apart of a sports community!

The sports community is made up of many sports like football, baseball, soccer, basketball, tennis, and boxing. Me myself played baseball for 7 years. I played for the Boone County Knothole Dragons. Image result for knothole dragons 2015

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