20% Part 2

Hi my name is Jacob and this is my 2nd 20% project blog!

What I have accomplished this week is 1. I have been able to go over to my partners house so that we could work on trying to get our YouTube channel set up so that we may be able to start recording our videos. 2. I have also been able to get all my missing assignments turned in. 3. What I have been able to accomplish this week is that I was able to respond back to my mentor who messaged us back. 4. What I also accomplished this week is to send out some emails to different principals from different schools.

The way I feel about this project so far is that me and my partner are doing the right thing when we are helping the homeless who have no home and not even a single bit of food to eat. So I would say that so far I feel pretty good about my project that me and my partner are working on.

The problems that I have run into are 1. Me and my partner are not able to create a channel on YouTube  that has us together so we have to do our videos separately or we could make a video that features me or him with one another. 2. That I have had to try to figure out which one of the principals to choose to be me and my partners mentor.

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